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Impact Biologicals Inc.

Proteins and Cell Lines for Biomedical Research

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Company purpose

Biomedical researchers have a high and growing need for proteins and cell lines. Many organizations lack the time or expertise to satisfy this need. As a contract manufacturer, Impact Biologicals fills this need, allowing clients to focus on more critical activities.


Impact Biologicals emphasizes the use of tried-and-true expression, purification and assay technologies. It is our belief that a few key technologies, carried out rigorously using standardized procedures, provide the best opportunity for rapid success.


Since its founding in 2002, Impact Biologicals has produced hundreds of proteins for numerous biotechnology companies and university laboratories. Company founder and president Bernard Selling, Ph.D., has over twelve years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including seven years managing core groups responsible for protein and cell line generation.

Related services

In addition to producing proteins and cell lines, Impact Biologicals carries out related services such as vector construction, assay development, arranging immunizations and more. Inquiries are welcome.


Dr. Selling will visit your facility, review your procedures and results, and offer suggestions.

(610)543-6320 - info@impactbio.com - 715 Harvard Ave., Swarthmore, PA 19081